Hacker Photography worked with design agency Pump to create a photography toolkit for start-up brand Interior Oasis.

The business makes indoor gardens planted with woodland or desert scenes in high quality glassware and terrariums. They needed both aspirational or hero photography to promote the brand as well as product photography to sell the products on the e-commerce site being designed and built by Pump.

"It was great being involved in this project right from the beginning." product photographer Hacker explains. "The design agency showed me the brand development work they'd completed, looking at where the brand should position itself in the market. From there we looked at the visual language both competitors used (so we knew how to stand out) as well as that used by brands the target market already engaged with in other sectors (so we knew how to speak their visual language)."

The concept developed into a series of three styles of sets each with different backdrops, designed to enhance the scenes in the glassware and terrariums. Each shot would feature a selection of the product range. Then came the fun bit - making the sets and completing the product photography shoot in Bristol.

First up Pump came in and painted three backdrops in Bauerwerk paint – a modern lime paint to emphasise the organic nature of the products. Pump and Hacker were then joined in their studio by Hana Snow – a talented interior stylist who bought a car full of props to elevate the photographs. Then, the team got creative shooting a variety of sets combining the Interior Oasis products with the props to produce a photography toolkit of aspirational photography for the brand to use on their website, social media, prints and postcards.

The product photography was a little more challenging. The gardens were planted in terrariums which meant light reflected off the glass, so viewers couldn’t see the product. To get around this Hacker had to photograph each view of the product four times with different lighting settings. Therefore, each image you see of the products on the site is a composition of four images edited together.

Since the product photography shoot Interior Oasis have thrived, opening up a shop in Clifton less than a year since the brand and website launched. Head to the Clifton Arcade where Hacker's aspirational photographs can now be seen printed hanging on the wall.



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