More than 10 years ago Hacker made history by photographing the first ever album released by a drum and bass MC – Tali’s, ‘Lyric On My Lip’.

The iconic cover was photographed in Bristol with the pioneering artist standing high up in a multi-storey car park and famous landmarks in the city like Colston Tower, forming the backdrop.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the pair are re-united, this time in Tali’s native New Zealand – where she’s making the final touches to her forthcoming album, ‘Wolves’.

“It was wicked seeing Tali again after such a long time – and in her own backyard!” says Bristol music photographer Hacker.

“What I really like about working with Tali, is she always has a clear idea of what style and mood she wants the images to portray. Her forthcoming album is a move away from drum and bass so the shots had to reflect a more gentle, playful style.”

Hacker had only arrived in Auckland a few days before, so the morning of the shoot the pair did a recce looking out for locations near Tali’s beautiful home in Northcote Point.

The first location was actually in Tali’s house up against a white wall – with a few impromptu appearances from her ‘babies’, the cats.

The shoot then headed outside to the second location which was the back of a Chinese restaurant, but had a fantastic white wall with great light and a slight breeze which gave the shots some movement.

Finally, as the sun was setting, the pair headed to the final location on Little Shoal Bay that provided a beautiful backdrop for some stunning beach shots enhanced by the incredible light that you can only get in New Zealand.

These images then became the inspiration for the video ‘Forces’ – the first single release from the album.

The single, which has a post-party chill out Balearic vibe with heaps of bass is now – funnily enough, getting the drum and bass treatment with a couple of remixes due to be released. So whether you are new to MC Tali or you have been with her from the ‘Lyric on My Lip’ days, you are going to enjoy her latest work.





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