Hacker, an established wedding and commercial photographer in Bristol, was tired of seeing the same style of wedding shoot. For example, bride in a field with floaty dress or a bride photographed in a barn with bunting and wild flowers.

So when he was approached by stylist Emma Horn to shoot brides’ dresses, they decided to break that mould and do something different.

Rather than shoot on location, Hacker used a studio, shooting against a clean white and grey backdrop to allow the dresses from Carina Baverstock Couture be the stars of the show.

Hair stylist Abigail Constanza and make-up artist Lisa Caldognetto were on set for the shoot along with two strong, assertive models – Nia and Kate, booked through Ginger Snaps.

The models were encouraged to show off their confidence and strength in the images while at the same time allowing their beauty to shine.

Bridal Boutique Advertising Photographer Hacker tells us: “By working in the studio we could really concentrate on the lighting, getting the right camera angles, and getting the right emotions from the models. We wanted our brides to be totally in charge and self-assured, to embody modern day glamour.”

The models were encouraged to jump around, shout, laugh and be angry which although at first they found a bit strange, they soon tapped into their inner attitude.

To compliment the quality and class of the dresses Emma accessorised with headdresses by Hermione Harbutt, stoles by Blanche in the Brambles, shoes from Chanii B, Flowers by Passion and a veil by up-and-coming Rebecca Anne Designs.

Dresses featured: ‘Gabrielle’ by Clinton Lotter, ‘Blue Moon’ by Stewart Parvin, ‘Wallis Simpson’ by David Fielden, ‘Karolina’ by Caroline Castigliano, ‘Maybe this time’ by Stewart Parvin.



Emma Horn


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Abigail Constanza


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Lisa Caldognetto


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Kate and Nia at Gingersnap Models


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Wedding dresses from

Carina Baverstock Couture

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Hermione Harbutt


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