Good commercial photography ignites an emotional connection with the viewer on every level, so they buy into your brand.

Frances Lucraft recently launched Grace & Green, an organic period product business. She approached Hacker because she understood how important good photography would be in the success of her start-up.

The photography Hacker was briefed to shoot had to communicate the brand’s key message: “A socially responsible lifestyle brand connecting women with exceptional period products that are kind to your body as well as the planet.”

Frances therefore wanted the images to be aspirational lifestyle studio portraits of the models while still looking like they were the ‘girl next door’.

She also wanted lots of botanicals photographed which would feature not just on the website and in promotional material, all the way through to social media.

Over the course of two days Hacker first shot the botanicals and then the models in a studio.

“Although we wanted the models to look natural, it actually takes more effort to shoot this style because there is nowhere to hide.” Hacker explains. “A lot of post-production has to take place to achieve this look – but it’s a skill to make the photographs appear like we haven’t made any edits.”

As well as editing the photographs of the models, Hacker also worked hard with the botanical images to layer them with graphics to achieve the aspirational quality represented by Grace & Green.