Street Photography Morocco

During the last 20 years Hacker has travelled the world taking street photography, having just returned from his latest trip to Morocco.

In just 3 and a half hours’ flight from Bristol you land in Marrakesh and what feels like another world where colours, spices, noises and smells take on a whole new level of vibrancy.

“At first it was a little overwhelming because there is so much assault on the senses.” Morocco street photographer Hacker explains.

Hacker was picked up from the airport by taxi driver Ali – which had been arranged for him by the riad he was staying in. The taxi was an old Mercedes-Benz W123 – like all the taxis in Marrakesh are, with back seats so comfortable it’s like sitting on a sofa.

At the riad, Hacker was greeted with a warm welcome by British ex-pat Adrian, who ran the traditional Moroccan accommodation in the heart of the medina.

From this base, Hacker spent his first few days wandering the streets, trying out different techniques to subtly shoot the scenes in the old town of Marrakesh.

“A few days later when I mentioned to Adrian that my stay at his riad was coming to an end, Adrian offered me the opportunity to photograph another raid he’d just finished renovating, in return for my stay.”

Hacker jumped at the chance so enjoyed the last few nights in Marrakesh in his own personal riad complete with a housekeeper and chef.