Advertising fashion photography

Somerset based fashion designer Donna May from Donna May Vintage got in touch with Bristol Advertising Fashion Photographer Hacker to shoot her new spring/summer collection.

The vintage and antique boutique, which is based in Frome, is described as ‘a fashion emporium which makes high quality bespoke dresses, suits, children’s wear and wedding dresses.’

With the success of her first collection selling out in London, Donna May got in touch with Hacker to photograph her second collection, which has been inspired by her love of vintage clothes.

The designer had an idea of the style she’d like the images to have but then it was over to Hacker to evolve them into a strong concept. The outline brief was to photograph the collection in two styles that would be used on all forms of media. One style would be aspirational images to promote the brand and its values. The second would be a more ‘straight’ style to sell the clothing on the boutique’s website.

“The majority of new customers to a business will first look at the website so it’s vital you have aspirational images to capture people’s interest.” Hacker explains.

“You also want the images to clearly convey your brand and its values so I spent a long time researching and developing ideas which would achieve this. I took inspiration from images that were already out there but developed them into my own style.”

Hacker landed on the idea of introducing smoke bombs into a high–end fashion shoot and if he timed it right with the sunset, hoped to create an etherial effect.

“We’d already shot the catalogue shots in Silk Mill Studios which Donna is going to use on the website to sell the clothes, but we were missing the aspirational shots.” says Hacker.

“The models – Mary & Iggy and I hopped into the car and went for a drive in the Somerset countryside just as the sun was going down. There, we stumbled across a field full with reeds about two metres high and perfect light.”

In those instances it’s important for everyone to work quickly as the light won’t last long. One way of making sure the shoot runs efficiently is to get a clear brief drawn up before the shoot so everyone knows what’s happening. Then, you stand a better chance of getting a fantastic result.